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Architectural Model Construction

Our models are dramatic and exquisite, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We would love to bring your big ideas to life on a small scale.

What We Offer

Project Renderings

Renderings can be created while your project is still in the planning stages, providing it instant credibility. Transform your idea into a visual creation.

Commissioned Paintings

Whether for a specific project, or if you want to create a special gift for a loved one, these unique, personalized works of art will serve that purpose. We design them just for you.

Years In Business

Models Built

Paintings & Renderings

Different Cities

Different Countries

The Results

“We partnered with RMI Designs to modernize our dated Dunwoody scale model, which had not seen an update in over 15 years. Our experience collaborating with RMI was exceptional. Their team displayed remarkable responsiveness, patience, and efficiency throughout the project. Surprisingly, the entire process from start to finish exceeded our expectations in terms of speed. Most importantly, we were highly satisfied with the exceptional final product delivered by RMI.”

“Edward Leftwich and his team at Real Model were able to meet a very challenging time schedule of three weeks to produce a 10’ X 6’ model at 1/16th scale of the new MetLife Office complex, which exceeded expectations on every level for both ourselves, the architects and the client MetLife. They were very professional and showed a great attitude even when under such time constraints.”

“This is the best and most beautiful model I have ever seen.”

“We commissioned two scaled presentation models from RMI Designs. Our first model was commissioned for our Connector Park Foundation presentation at the College Football Hall of Fame. The first model, 8ft x 20ft, showcased our overall plan for Atlanta’s Connector Park. The second model, 6ft x 10ft, showcased our refined design for phase 1 for Atlanta’s Connector Park. The RMI Designs team turned both projects around with great detail and speed, they are an amazing team to work with.”

Taylor Morison, Connector Park Foundation, Chief Strategy Officer, Connector Park Foundation